About Jester

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Liam, also known as Jester. I've been playing video games since I was about five years old, starting with Sonic The Hedgehog in my family's kitchen, and I've been playing games ever since. As for content creation I've been producing YouTube videos since I was twenty two years old, and Livestreaming since I was twenty three years old, and enjoyed every minute of it.

What Do I Want To Accomplish?

In my life there's only been one constant: I've enjoyed creating things.
Along with Video Game Content Creation, I also enjoy Woodwork and Carpentry, and I plan to make my future involve both Video Games and Carpentry.

As well as continuing Content Creation, I'd also like to get into writing video game reviews, as well as looking at getting more involved with Carpentry as a full-time occupation, and perhaps in the future combining it with Content Creation.

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